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"Alex Hillman and the team at Indy Hall are true leaders within Philadelphia's entrepreneurial community, helping establish this city as an emerging hub for innovators, founders and creators. If you're looking to build a community, these are the folks to learn from."
-Michael Nutter, Mayor of Philadelphia

Building a community seemed like it would be fun & easy...

Do you feel worn out from relentlessly working to keep people engaged and responsive? Some people will get involved, but only if you keep reminding them. Newsletters, meetings, even personal emails — you'll do anything it takes to keep their attention, right?

I bet you feel like it's impossible to understand what people really want. You've heard that "culture" is the main attraction, but what does that even mean? Is it the way people dress? The music they like to listen to? The styles or designs they prefer? The way they prefer to communicate?

When you do get people together, do you find yourself constantly having to push people in the right direction, and worse, find them resisting your direction? I bet it feels like nothing would even get done (or done right) if you weren't in the room.

You enjoy the good feelings of helping people when they need it, but are starting to notice the bad feelings that come along with "needy" people keeping you from doing the work you really care about.

And as if that wasn't enough stress, you've have metrics and milestones to report, and business objectives to meet to keep the operation afloat. It's like you're being pulled in two directions at once — it gets tough to know who's really in charge. You're scared to make a move, worried that one wrong move could unravel everything.

...are you ready to get (and keep) your community growing and engaged?

Turning a group of like-minded, passionate and curious people into a community shouldn't be so damn difficult. You know that you want to foster collaboration among the best & brightest people - you KNOW there are others like you out there who care - but the action is easier said than seen.

You're right: you're not alone. We've been there ourselves. You *could* keep guessing about what will attract more members, or you can learn how we skipped the guesswork to develop two landmark communities within an industry that we've helped create along the way.

Find out how to have the magic touch when it comes to leading thriving communities. Learn what it takes to be responsible for a diverse group of people who get shit done. Then, master how to keep it up and running without exhausting yourself into (involuntary) early retirement.

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Your teachers

Learn from community experts Alex Hillman and Adam Teterus of Indy Hall
+ Tony Bacigalupo of New Work City.

Almost every day someone asks a question like, "Where can I find members!?" or "What event should I organize to build community", hoping to learn the secret incantations that lead to vibrant communities like Indy Hall & New Work City.

Here's the truth: We didn't know these answers when we started, either. But we learned how to find the answers, and we will teach you how to do it yourself.

Once we teach you the right questions - and what to do with the answers you find - you will be able to build the community engagement of your dreams.

"But, wait - you guys run businesses fueled by your communities. Why would you train anyone to compete with you?"

We like the world better when we're collaborating instead of competing. We believe that a rising tide raises all ships. We believe that the world benefits from confident, active citizens. What you'll learn in the Community Masterclass will ensure that your unique community - builders, makers, teachers, developers, or neighbors - will become established as a collaborator rather than competitor.

"The answers to your community challenges are in the heads of the people around you."

Tony Bacigalupo - cofounder of New Work City.

"If you put your community members in the center of your decisions, everything gets a whole lot easier."

Alex Hillman - cofounder of Indy Hall.

"Start small. Slow slow. Start now."

Adam Teterus - point man of Indy Hall.

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Don't take our word for it, here's what others say.

"Alex & Tony have made me really examine my assumptions, and has completely changed my perspective and approach. Not just for one project but EVERYTHING I am doing. One of the best things I've ever done and can't recommend Alex's course enough."

- Libby Sander, Workclub Gold Coast
"Alex is one of the primary reasons that the coworking community exists & has grown into a thriving, global phenomenon. His contagious enthusiasm infuses others with the courage and drive to participate. Indy Hall serves as the model for what a successful community looks like."

- Chris Messina, Google+ Designer & Platform team, invented the Hashtag

Find out when the next class series is open for enrollment!

Let us know your email address and we'll share free community building advice and give you early registration opportunities when we announce our next class.

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